Yakitori Chicken 焼き鳥

Yakitori, literally meaning “grilled chicken”, is a super easy and delicious Japanese food to prepare! Chunks of chicken are served on a skewer with some delicious sweet and salty sauce, like teriyaki sauce, which make it convenient and easy to eat on the go. This is a typical Japanese street market food and also can

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Japanese birthday cake

Japanese Birthday Cake 誕生日ケーキ

This week, we are celebrating our one year blogging anniversary with a delicious Japanese birthday cake. I can not believe it has already been one year since we launched our Japanese food blog “Chopstick Chronicles”! It has been fun to cook Japanese dishes and take photographs and share them with Chopstick Chronicles’ readers. We have shared

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Japanese potato croquette

Potato Croquettes – Japanese Korokke ポテトコロッケ

Potato croquettes, or Korokke as they are called in Japanese, are a delicious fried food made from panko crumbed mashed potato with carrot and onion and mince. This is typical Japanese home cooking and also a tasty street food. They’re a great dinner or lunch because they’re like one meal all in one little croquette,

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Fruit Kanten Jelly

Fruit Kanten Jelly フルーツ寒天ゼリー

Fruit kanten jelly is a delicious and healthy sweet little treat. This see-through jelly is made from kanten, which is a gelatin made from algae which makes it much healthier than animal gelatin or the chemical filled jelly powder that you find in grocery stores. It also makes it suitable for vegetarians and vegans! These jelly balls are

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